Jab Jab documentary film now online

February 6, 2018

Short music documentary film about Jab Jab’s story, their music and reunion. Winner of The Audience Choice Film Award at The Exeter Phoenix Two Short Nights Film Festival 2015.

‘JAB JAB – the biggest band you’ve never heard of’

Jab Jab documentary scoops film festival Audience Award

January 21, 2016

A sell out audience voted for the Jab Jab documentary as their favourite film from the Exeter Phoenix Two Short Nights Film Festival 2015 where it was awarded the Audience Award. Read more about the film here: ‘JAB JAB the biggest band you’ve never heard of’   Dir. Amanda Whittington  This is the story of Jab Jab, one of Britain’s most successful unsigned bands of the 1970s. With their unique fusion of rock, reggae, calypso and funk music, Jab Jab were breaking boundaries. In the pre-digital era, fans were unable to access Jab Jab’s music outside their live performances. Until now… Inspired by the discovery of reel-to-reel recordings, filmmaker Amanda Whittington helps bring the band back together and documents their story and music. Could they be the biggest band you’ve never heard of? The film will be screened at film festivals across the UK in 2016 and available on the web in 2017.  

Jab Jab Film Crowdfunder is live!

June 8, 2015

8th June 2015: The Crowdfunder, ‘Jab Jab band reunion – the film’ is now live! Your support would be hugely appreciated, please take a look. It’s your chance to support the first music documentary about Jab Jab’s fascinating story and music. www.crowdfunder.co.uk/jabjab-reunion There are lots of great perks too, including exclusive t-shirts, Jab Jab music downloads, tickets to Jab Jab’s reunion concert, meet and greet the band and even a stay at the Hammond organist, Rob’s hotel. Thanks and I hope you can help us make a great film. Amanda Whittington, producer director

Filming Jab Jab’s first rehearsals

1st May 2015: We’ve had a great week filming with Jab Jab for our music documentary, Jab Jab the film (working title). It was incredible to witness their first rehearsals for 35 years and see the family-band dynamic unfold. I went in wondering how it would go and was amazed. The music still holds its own today and Jab Jab have still got it! Luckily I was using the static camera as it was hard to keep still, their music just makes you want to dance! Very high energy and funky with their own unique sound. I was relieved to see the rest of the crew had stable hands. We also filmed interviews with Joe and Charlie and will be posting some clips up soon. It’s a fascinating journey working with Jab Jab as we find out more about their story and music. Amanda Whittington, director producer

Jab Jab rehearsals - filmingJab Jab rehearsals - band and film crew

Music documentary in development

March 17, 2015

Inspired by the discovery of old recordings after 30 years, this film will document the little-known story and reformation of Jab Jab, the acclaimed 1970s band from Huddersfield. Taking the viewer on a colourful and original musical journey, with laughter and tears, nostalgia, diverse characters and music, the film will climax with their reunion concert.