Filming Jab Jab’s first rehearsals

1st May 2015: We’ve had a great week filming with Jab Jab for our music documentary, Jab Jab the film (working title). It was incredible to witness their first rehearsals for 35 years and see the family-band dynamic unfold. I went in wondering how it would go and was amazed. The music still holds its own today and Jab Jab have still got it! Luckily I was using the static camera as it was hard to keep still, their music just makes you want to dance! Very high energy and funky with their own unique sound. I was relieved to see the rest of the crew had stable hands. We also filmed interviews with Joe and Charlie and will be posting some clips up soon. It’s a fascinating journey working with Jab Jab as we find out more about their story and music. Amanda Whittington, director producer

Jab Jab rehearsals - filmingJab Jab rehearsals - band and film crew